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        Beyond Verbal Communications Ltd., a voice-recognition software developer here, is rolling out an app promising something Siri can't yet deliver: a readout on how you feel.

        語音識別軟件開發商Beyond Verbal Communications Ltd.即將推出一款應用軟件,有望實現Siri尚且無法實現的一個功能:把你的情緒顯示出來。

        Called Moodies, it lets a smartphone user speak a few words into the phone's mike to produce, about 20 seconds later, an emotional analysis. Beyond Verbal executives say the app is mostly for self-diagnosis -- and a bit of fun: It pairs a cartoon face with each analysis, and users can share the face on social media.

        借助于這款名為“Moodies”的應用,智能手機用戶可以朝著手機的麥克風講話,在大約20秒鐘之后生成情緒分析。Beyond Verbal的管理人員說,該應用主要是用于自我診斷,也可以帶來一些小小的樂趣:它給每一次分析配上一張卡通臉孔,用戶可以把臉孔拿到社交媒體上去分享。

        But the app is coming out as the company and other developers -- many clustered in Tel Aviv -- push increasingly sophisticated hardware and software they say can determine a person's emotional state through analysis of his or her voice.

        在這款應用面世之際,Beyond Verbal和其他一些開發商――很多都扎堆特拉維夫――正在推出一些越來越尖端、據它們說可以通過分析語音確定一個人情緒狀態的硬件和軟件。

        These companies say the tools can also detect fraud, screen airline passengers and help a call-center technician better deal with an irate customer. And they can be used to keep tabs on employees or screen job applicants. One developer, Tel Aviv-based Nemesysco Ltd., offers what it calls 'honesty maintenance' software aimed at human-resource executives. The firm says that by analyzing a job applicant's voice at an interview, the program can help identify fibs.

        這些公司說,這些工具還可以偵測欺詐、檢查飛機乘客、幫助呼叫中心技術人員更好地對付發飆的顧客。它們可以用來監視員工或篩選求職者。特拉維夫開發商Nemesysco Ltd.推出以人力資源經理為目標客戶的“誠信維護”軟件。該公司說,這套程序可以通過分析求職者在面試期間的說話聲音來幫助辨別謊言。

        That's raising alarm among many voice-analysis experts, who question the accuracy of such on-the-spot interpretations. It's also raising worries among privacy advocates, who say such technology -- especially if it is being rolled out in cheap, easy-to-use smartphone apps -- could be a fresh threat to privacy.


        Depending on how the analysis is performed, used and shared, 'there could well be breaches of certain privacy laws,' says Gwendolen Morgan, an associate at Bindmans LLP, a London human-rights law firm.

        倫敦人權律師事務所Bindmans LLP合伙人格溫德琳?摩根(Gwendolen Morgan)說,這些分析“很有可能違反了某些隱私法規”,具體要看它們是怎樣運行以及被使用和共享的。

        The new wave of technology is based on so-called layered voice analysis, and it's related to the much broader, more established field of 'speech-to-text' sentiment analysis. Verint Systems Inc., Thomson Reuters PLC and Hewlett-Packard Co. and others have long used speech-to-text technology to record phone calls and break them down into so-called text-based sentiment intelligence by flagging the occurrence of keywords or types of words. Call centers use the data to teach employees to keep customers on the phone or monitor employees for training purposes.

        這一波新的技術浪潮基于“深層語音分析”(layered voice analysis),跟更廣泛、更成熟的“語音轉文字”(speech-to-text)情緒分析領域有關。Verint Systems Inc.、湯森路透(Thomson Reuters PLC)、惠普(Hewlett-Packard Co.)等公司曾長期使用語音轉文字技術來記錄通話,并把出現在其中的關鍵詞或某些詞語種類標注出來,從而將通話分解為“基于文本的情緒情報”。呼叫中心用這些數據教員工如何讓客戶保持通話,或為了培訓的目的而監測員工。

        The new speech-focused tools come as other companies are marketing body-language and facial-recognition sentiment-analysis tools -- including an app for Google Inc.'s Google Glass.

        在這些新的語音分析工具面世之際,其他公司也在銷售身體語言和面部識別類的情緒分析工具,比如一款針對谷歌公司(Google Inc.)“谷歌眼鏡”(Google Glass)的應用。








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